Did you know you can purchase Irvine and Orange County real 
estate investments with your retirement plan? 
Well, you can! 

Contrary to what your stock broker or financial planner may have told you, stocks, bonds and mutual funds are not the only permissible investment choices within your retirement account. If you have become increasingly dissatisfied with your stock-market based retirement plan portfolio, I can help.

The solution, establish a Self-Directed Retirement Plan.  I’ve recently established a strategic alliance with The Entrust Group, a premiere Self-Directed Retirement Plan Administration Company, to offer our clients a solution to “unlock” their IRAs by maximizing their investment options within their retirement plans.

Self-directed retirement accounts have become increasingly popular as more Americans desire increased control over their retirement investments. In many instances, the attributes of self-directed retirement account investing are clear – greater profit potential, less or no taxes, tax-deferred or tax-free growth, increased net capital for future deals, added diversification, no restrictions (similar to 1031 Exchanges), and additional options for Orange County real estate investors. It is no wonder why self-directed retirement accounts have gained so much press nationally by recognized publications.

I’d like to help you identify investment opportunities and show you how to implement them successfully within your retirement plan while paying little taxes! Please contact me so that I can educate you more about this opportunity to take control of your financial future or contact Ryan Rippy at The Entrust Group 949.420.4524 or email him at rrippy@theentrustgroup.com

More information can be seen by link below to an online brochure.

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